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Our Allies

No Disease Is too Rare to Deserve Treatment
Life Raft Group
No One Has to Face GIST Alone
ALS - Gaining Access to Effective Investigational Drugs
Helping Children Fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Rare Disease Legislative Advocates
The Alliance Avastin breast cancer project
Providing a Public Policy Voice for Parkinson's Patients
Promoting State Propositions and Legislation to Speed Research

Seeking Progress Against Cancer and Other Life-Threatening Diseases
Steps of Support

Review the Compassionate Access Act

The Compassionate Access Act will help bring legislative aid to patients with no other hope for survival

Support the Compassionate Access Act

Send a note here supporting the Compassionate Access Act

Donate to our cause

Helping Huntington's Patients
Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative Helping Patients and Families with Important Information
Working for Parkinson's Patients

Partnership for Compassionate Use Therapies

Solving regulatory and economic obstacles to life-saving drugs

Helping Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Helping Patients and Physicians Create Optimal Treatment Strategies
Helping HIV-Positive People
Accelerating Parkinson's Therapies

Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatments

The Abigail Alliance and SFA Working Together to Help so Many in Need

Innovation and Choice - Improving medical care for those we love.

Access to Investigational Drugs for People with Bleeding Disorders and Hepatitis C

The Abigail Alliance Supporting
Women's Health Issues
Recognizing the Need to Accelerate Core/Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
Project for Better Access to Cancer Clinical Trials Information

Supporting the Efforts of the Lung Cancer Alliance Including Lung Cancer Research and Early Detection

The Abigail Alliance Joins Forces with Research America to Promote Medical Research and Better Health Care

Childrens Rare Disease Network

Sanfilippo Foundation for Children