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  1. June 17, 2010

    Just stumbled upon this website and am so impressed with the fight that you all wage on behalf of critically ill patients everywhere. My name is Virat and I am the nephew of Dr. Nisha Gupta, a health care professional from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who contracted Hepatitis C 20 years ago through a needle prick incident with a patient. We are now trying to gain access to the newest form of Hep C treatment- Telaprevir. The investigational drug is currently in phase 3 of the FDA approval process and its release is not expected until next year. Unfortunately, Nisha does not have that much time, and so we are looking to gain access to the drug on “compassionate grounds,” or through the FDA expanded access program.

    So we have started the Campaign for Compassion in order to raise awareness of Nisha’s story and somehow get the attention of Vertex Pharmaceuticals and/or any other companies producing similar drugs. We are hopeful that our efforts will not only improve Nisha’s condition but also build a support network for patients in similar situations.

    Great to see that others are fighting hard for the passage of the Compassionate Access Act of 2010. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help… you can visit for more info on Nisha… and you can contact us at

    Thanks again… keep on keeping on!

  2. July 23, 2010

    Dear Virat Gupta,
    Thank you for your post on our Abigail Alliance blog and thank you for your good words about the Abigail Alliance.

    Please feel free to give me a call (703-646-5306) so we can talk about how the Abigail Alliance could work with you and help as best we can. Among many areas regarding better access to promising investigational therapies, we are working with some folks regarding people with bleeding disorders and hepatitis C.

    You asked what you could do to help. A top priority in the effort to help so many is getting cosponsors for the Compassionate Access Act H.R. 4732, so that we can move the act forward.

    The Abigail Alliance looks forward to getting to know you and your good effort better.
    Frank Burroughs, President Abigail Alliance

  3. June 22, 2011

    Dear Virat Gupta,

    Best of luck to you and your uncle.

    Mark Antell, for
    People with Bleeding Disorders and HCV

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